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Are you a customer or a client?

When you choose to work with a real estate licensee, he or she may or may not be “your” agent! An agent owes certain duties to a client but has a different obligation to a customer. You must know whether you are a customer or a client of a licensee in a real estate transaction and that relationship must be established and disclosed prior to beginning to work together. You should discuss the following information with the real estate licensee with whom you may work in order to make informed decisions.

Who is a client?

A client is a person who establishes an agency relationship with and agrees to be represented by an agent in a real estate transaction. A seller
becomes a client of a real estate company by signing a formal listing agreement with a licensee associated with a company. Prior to any transaction this agreement must be in writing and must clearly establish the terms of the agreement and the obligations of both the seller and the licensee/company who becomes the agent for the seller. A buyer becomes a client of a real estate company by signing a formal buyer agency agreement with a licensee associated with a company. Prior to any transaction this agreement must be in writing and must clearly establish the terms of the agreement and the obligations of both the buyer and the licensee/company who becomes the agent for the buyer.

Who is a customer?

A customer is a person who seeks to buy or sell real estate, but who does not establish an agency relationship with a licensee and, therefore, is not represented by a licensee as his or her agent. As a customer you cannot expect the licensee to act as your agent or to negotiate on your behalf. A real estate licensee can, however, provide valuable market information and services to assist you as a customer. A licensee is also obligated by law to treat customers honestly, to disclose known material facts about the property and to promptly present all offers and counteroffers. When selling or buying real estate, you may decide you don’t need your own agent. The licensee may be able to provide you as a customer with all the information and assistance you require to successfully complete a transaction. However, if you are a customer, the licensee’s primary loyalty is not to you. It is to his or her client. The agent must convey all known information to his or her client, such as a seller’s urgency to move if he or she represents a buyer/client or a buyer’s willingness to increase an offer if he or she represents a seller/client.

Do you want to be a customer or a client?

Do you want only to receive information and assistance (customer) or to be represented (client)! To understand your options, discuss this with the real estate licensee with whom you are working. It is important to you and the licensee that your working relationship with the licensee he established and acknowledged and that you are aware of the services you will be provided. At your discretion, it may be advisable for you to obtain legal or other professional advice, which you feel necessary to protect your own interest. The signing of the acknowledgment of relationship disclosure does not alone create agency obligations (See Who is a Client?).

Who is an agent?

An agent is the licensee who by mutual agreement will act on your direction and represent your interest above all others in a real estate transaction. Once an agency relationship is created, the broker-in-charge of the company is considered to be the agent of the client, and all licensees with the company become sub-agents of the broker-in-charge representing that same client. Acting on your behalf, your agent will negotiate for you the best price and terms in a real estate transaction. Your agent owes utmost loyalty to you, the client, and must pass on to you any information he or she knows which might influence your decision to buy or sell. You can rely on your agent to preserve confidential information provided by you. You can expect to receive timely accounting of money or property related to and received during your relationship with your agent.

What is a dual agent?

In certain situations, a licensee acts as an agent for and may represent the buyer and seller in the same transaction provided each has consented in writing prior to the transaction. This is called dual agency since one agent represents both parties and both remain clients of the company. The possibility and consequences of such an occurrence must be explained to you by the licensee. Working with a dual agent is not the same as having your own exclusive agent! For instance, when representing both a buyer and a seller. The dual agent must not disclose to one party confidential information obtained from the other party. Also, a dual agent may not be the advocate for either party and cannot negotiate for nor advise either as to price or terms. It is important that you discuss dual agency with the licensee in order to understand the limits of representation, which a dual agent can provide. If requested by licensee, you must determine whether or not you would be willing to modify your established agency relationship and give your consent. Thereby agreeing to limited representation by your agent.


Buying a home may be the biggest investment you will ever make. So you should be as prepared as possible, ready for anything, with a trusted professional on your side. And that’s where a CENTURY 21 Buyer Representative can be a very valuable ally, ready to serve your best interests. Negotiate the best terms. Provide you with the necessary information to make the best decisions.

Two different objectives

In the past, real estate agent served primary the home seller, acting as a subagent of the listing broker while working with the buyer to help the buyer find a home. This meant that the agent was legally bound to obtain the best terms and price for the seller. But now, as a Buyer Representative, Your CENTURY 21 Broker will work for you. the buyer. so that your best interests will be represented The CENTURY 21 SYSTEM is the leader in the real-estate industry wan we understand your needs as a buyer. Now you can feel secure knowing that professionals with our recognized expertise are here for you.

What a buyer representative should do for you:

-Provide all the information needed to help you make an educated decision.

-Use unique CENTURY 21 technology tools to help you find the right location and home.

-Help you evaluate specific properties. -Help you determine fair market value.

-Work with you to develop negotiating strategies specific to the property and the seller.

-Assist you in determining the most favorable price and terms to offer.

-Assist you in closing the transaction.

-Provide access to the full range of services available through the CENTURY 21 system.

-Make available to you the full-service shopping convenience of home related products and services through our exclusive Preferred Alliance Program.

You’ll win with a buyer representative who will:

-Be loyal and act in your best interest.

-Keep information about your negotiation strategies confidential.

-Advise you in negotiating the best price and terms.

-Use state of the art technology tools to help you find the right home.

-Disclose information to you about the property and/or seller’s motivation within legal-guidelines.

-Help you make informed decisions.

Interested knowing more about the Home Buying Process? Just email me and ask for my complete guide “the HOME BUYING PROCESS FOR THE BUYER”

We supply peace of mind…and much, much more.

As a homeowner, you want to quickly sell your home at the highest price but not at the cost of sacrificing security and privacy. Our Lock Box and Electronic Showing system can enhance the marketing of your home while providing the peace of mind you’re looking for. In order to make sure you never miss an opportunity to show your property for sale, your property will be showings will be overseen by MA-PASS for your convenience. We verify that the agent requesting to show your property is a licensed real estate professional before we allow them to show your property and try our best to make sure that the experience of selling your home is as painless as possible.

When an appointment is set through MA-PASS, they will call you and tell you the name of the agent requesting the showing, the office they represent, and the date and time of the showing. Then you tell us if the appointment is good FOR YOU. If it is not, MA-PASS cancels the appointment and contacts the agent showing your property to reschedule the appointment.

If we can’t speak to you directly, we will leave you a message and a callback number for you to call if an appointment needs to be cancelled for any reason.

Imagine handling the scheduling of ALL your showing via email or the web. If you can’t be disturbed at work with calls to confirm/deny showings, we can set it up so that all your appointments are sent to you electronically. You never have to pick up the phone.

If you desire, you can have web access to restrict and review your very own showing calendar. 24 hrs/day

Lock Boxes and Important Facts you should know

CENTURY 21 Professionals recommends using a KeyBox system from Supra. Fact is, 95% of all real estate professionals use the lockbox system. As your listing agent I can tell you, the more exposure your home has, the easier it is for cooperating agents to view it with their buyers, the better the position the home, resulting in quicker, more profitable sales opportunities!

Real estate professional understands that your home is likely your most valuable asset. Participating with an organized Multiple Listing Service provides the most opportunities for the right buyer to quickly find our home.

Marketing your home for quicker sale

Multiple Listing Service As a CENTURY 21 Professional and MLS Member, I can’t imagine why a seller wouldn’t want immediate exposure to more than 30,000 real estate agents and their buyers?

Participating with an organized Multiple Listing Service provides the most opportunities for the right buyer to quickly find your home.

MLS Property Information Network, Inc. is the largest multiple listing service in New England, and one of the top 10 in the nation, offering:

Instant access to more than 65,000 active listings

New H3 Technology provides your home exposure to over 175,000 buyers via reverse prospecting

More than 30,000 real estate professionals working together

Listings updated daily to®



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